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You Lord most of all understand the loss of a son . . .

Blessed Father,
From the day each of my sons were born, they were precious to me, unique in all the world. And I've often thought if I had to sacrifice one, how would I choose? I'm thankful the answer to that dilemma has never been required of me. How much more painful when the choice is your ONLY son? How heavy was Abraham's heart as he trudged up the mountain to sacrifice Isaac? I know God, Your heart grieved the sacrifice of your only begotten - pure, holy, blessed. So I must believe that you have taken my son for all the right reasons and I am so thankful he got to know You before he was taken to be in Your presence. You have not left me without comfort - Your Holy Spirit surrounds me, you have given me 3 other sons and a special gift - my own personal angel - my Down Syndrome daughter, Jessie. Tomorrow, I will tell you how much I appreciate the husband you have given me, but for today, my praise and thanks is for my children, the loss of one you so deeply understand.



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