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Friends of ours came to Grace Chapel after hearing about the church . After a few times I came with them. We too lost a daughter to an auto accident. I bought the book Have Heart. This was so much help and I have shared it with several people that have lost loved ones. Today especially I realized tha MEREIDTHNIS ALIVE! Living in heaven. What a comfort. Your series on the Sermon on the Mount has triggered so many self studies. Recently while in Centennial Hospital my husband (that lives and works in Paducah KY during the week). Decided since he was in Nashville he wanted to experience your church and sermons in person. He came om March 13th and the next Sunday. I was in the hospital all that time with bold clots in both kris and both lungs. In all the testing it was discovered that I have lung cancer in the early stages. The lord works in mysterious ways. If we had not discovered the clots the ca cer would not have been found. I go for my 2nd treatment tomorrow. This is just a bump in the road to discover the destiny God has for me and my family. 3rd morning I was in the morning the phrase "the vine that bears the fruit feels the sharpness of the knife". I thank gof everyday for letting me live through the bold clots going to my lungs and giving the doctors the ability to find the cancer and treat it. I just want to tell you that your sermons have been such a positive influence on my walk with God. We will see you and would love to shake you had personally and tek
Ll you heart to heart that I can truly know the pain that you felt when you lost your son. HE LIVES!!!
Thank you. We have had a wonderful Resurrection day,

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Comment by steve berger on April 27, 2011 at 1:15pm
Thank you for the words of encouragement Mary! I'd love to meet you some time. I pray God touches your body with His healing power. Stay in touch! God bless you and yours!

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