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I have just completed "Have Heart, Bridging the Gulf Between Heaven and Earth" and this has been confirmation for me as a Minister as I have been teaching our people concerning the death of a Saint.

I believe that one of the saddest things any human can do is to die without Christ in their lives. The Bible makes it clear. But having a revelation of the fact that a saint is simply asleep and fully aware, as a witness, of our walk as we continue our journey here on this side of heaven.

In recent sermons at the funerals of saved love ones I have been pressed to tell the family that if the dearly departed could speak to them on such an occasion they would let them know that they ought not to grieve as those without hope because of them being in a better place. They would tell them themselves though it is noted in scripture.

I am convince that death to a believer is a beautiful experience, one that we fear at times because of the unknown. I thank God that over the past number of months that He has given me fresh revelation of the hope that we have and the future to come. This does not mean that you will have a desire to go right away. But you understand your purpose here on this side of heaven even more. A desire to see souls saved and rescue from everlasting torment not made for us human. You are motivated in your ministry efforts to see the lost come to know Him.

I was encourage by the experiences of Marilyn Heavilin and would love to see other believers come to that place where we used what the enemy meant for evil and turn it into a witness for Christ. I also want to thank Steve & Sarah Berger for putting their experiences in a book such as this, it will be a tremendous encouragement to others.

The death of a love one is one of the most cruel transitions in this life regardless of the length of time they were loan to us. But Jesus in their lives and you knowing Him for yourself make it all bearable. Death loses its sting, thank God for Jesus. 

I want to encourage those of us that already know Him as Saviour to remain focus, do not take your eyes off the prize. For those who don't I want to encourage you to do without delay. Today, the Bible tells us is the day of salvation.

God Bless,

Pastor John Forde

Revival Time Assembly


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