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2nd Printing

Hey great news everyone! We have ordered our second printing of the book. People are buying them, giving them away, receiving blessings and comfort... God is good! Thanks ya'll keep the Heaven Revolution going!

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Have Heart

Scott Burden was with us 21years and is now in Heaven with GOD and many others, mud running for sure and serving the best he can. Tomorrow will be 4weeks ago he passed. Thank you for Have Heart, It's been a BLESSING!

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an angel was present

I had a 14 hour brain surgery on Oct. 21st, 2009 at Vanderbilt to remove a very dangerous tumor located on my brain stem. At 6:00am my husband Wade, our friends Edie Ross and Doug Beiden were there to pray before I went back.

There were several families huddled with their pillows and bags, just like us, waiting to go back.

I noticed on young lady all alone with no bags, no purse, nothing. She had on jeans and a hoodie with the hood over her head. At first glance she reminded me of… Continue

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Heaven is real.

I had a dream 2 months after my best friend was killed with her husband and their two children in a car accident on their way to church. In my dream we were sitting in her bedroom floor packing for their move. There were boxes and clothes everywhere. Then I noticed a painting of Miller, her 7 year old. And I suddenly remembered he had died. I said, "Miller died." Then I remembered that Leah had died too- I reached out to touch her as she sat there with a huge smile on her face understanding my… Continue

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My Soup Story

My 17 year old son was in a car accident and went to heaven on a Saturday (2/16/08). My husband and I could not eat and by Thursday, (5 days later) we had only shared one piece of toast and eaten a few grapes and carrots. We had no appetite at all and everyone kept telling us we needed to eat.....but just could not. My sister and I went out on that Thursday to get the picture frames for the Memorial Service, it was a rainy day and my first day out in the "real world" other than going to the… Continue

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Come On, Let's Walk

When I was 11 years old my 17 year old brother, Phil, unexpectedly went to Heaven in a single car accident with my cousin, who survived. In his earthly life, Phil was an extraordinarily talented guitar player and had a magnetic personality. He was adored and loved by many... touching people's lives and shining brightly. I was deeply affected by Phil's departure for a very LONG time... it was a really tough thing for me to grasp and to make sense of at such a young age. I didn't realize it then,… Continue

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Incredible Dream/Vision of Heaven

After my Father went to be with the Lord, I was very troubled about his Salvation. I prayed earnestly about it. My father had become very hard hearted and bitter toward Church. However, I can recall times when he would talk about being Baptized in Ringold Creek, which is now part of Fort Campbell. Amazingly, the little Church he attended was called Grace Chapel. The Church was also a school. My grandfather partnered with several African American families as share croppers. They had their own… Continue

Added by William B Darnell on June 26, 2010 at 7:43pm — 2 Comments

We Are Enlisted In God's Service!

We Are Enlisted in God’s Service!

The entire book touched me deeply, but this part brought peace to my heart for the struggle I have had with my son. Being a mom to a Marine is hard and I have to admit I don’t like it but at the same time I am very proud. Now while reading the amazing book Have Heart this part brought me peace for the first time. My son has also struggled with his choice he made so the book is in the mail today on its way to him. I pray it will bring him peace… Continue

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My son Thomas, 12/20/1990 - 02/16/2008

I wanted to share this picture when I saw the other two pictures on God Nod. This picture was taken less than a year before my son's car accident. My husband and I have said so many times that nobody has a picture like this of there son, we were wrong. Wow, amazing!

Added by Kristi on June 22, 2010 at 7:09pm — 1 Comment

My Sister Kathy

At the age of 4 yrs. I was separated from my sister Kathy. I went with my mother and my sister, who was a year younger than I was, went with her father. The separation was very painful for my mother, and as a result I was told to never speak of Kathy (it was just too painful). The adults in my life didn't realize that it was very painful for me as well. As I was growing up I always told myself that when I turned 18 I would find my sister, and… Continue

Added by Debbie Haslett on June 22, 2010 at 3:23am — 2 Comments

A memorial for Yvonne

When this posted shortly after my wife's Graduation someone commented how wonderful it is to read two Love stories tied as one.

It has been well over a year since my wife stepped into the presence of the Lord. I find myself still shedding tears yet I know I will see her again. I want to share our story of what I believe was a joining of 2 souls that was directed by God. The only way I know how to do this is to place the following link in the system. Shortly after her passing I sent this to… Continue

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Dreams of comfort

NOTE: these dreams came to me within the first weeks after my Wifes departure (Graduation) around the first weeks of Jan 2009.

Since the time of my wifes departure from this life into the arms of our Lord, I have had 2 dreams. The first came about 2 months after.

I dreamed I entered into a large hall and there were many others present standing around engaging in conversations but all seemed to be waiting for something. As I looked down this hallway there stood a large man… Continue

Added by Raymond A Hays on June 18, 2010 at 9:46pm — 2 Comments

By Sunday

Yesterday (Wednesday) I received a copy of the book. I can't put it down! By Sunday it'll be in the hands of my Pastor (and a many others). Praise God for lifting the fog on our perspectives! Sarah, Steve, Heather, Cody & Destiny ... I love you all!

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A Truth of the Lord Jesus. From Jesus Calling WHEN YOU APPROACH ME in stillness and in trust, you are strengthened. You need a buffer zone of silence around you in order to focus on things that are …

A Truth of the Lord Jesus. From Jesus Calling

WHEN YOU APPROACH ME in stillness and in trust, you are strengthened. You need a buffer zone of silence around you in order to focus on things that are unseen. Since I am invisible,…


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Blog Sensitivity

Due to the highly sensitive nature of things we are discussing, i.e., peoples loved ones in Heaven, we have to be exceptionally sensitive to posts we accept. We simply ask that you be very prayerful before you post something. If the administrators of this blog feel the post isn't beneficial for the community it will not remain on the community blog. Please don't be offended by the removal of your post, we simply know, for a variety of reasons, that not all our thoughts or experiences need to…


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"Do You Want to Get Well?"

Okay, so like many of you, I picked the book up yesterday and have had a hard time putting it down...I got to the chapter, "Turning your mourning into dancing", and read the topic, You Must Want to Be Healed. Instantly I was taken back over 5 years ago when an unexpected event left my heart shattered. I remember initially thinking, "Okay, in a couple of weeks when I'm better..." only to find myself 3 months later still lost in the deep in a virtual ocean… Continue

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God Nod Tonight

My daughter Karissa and I were in the pool this evening. We were all alone and the night sky was totally beautiful. We got to talking about Heaven and my dad (who went there almost 7 months ago) and we both looked up at the sky. I said, "Hi Dad! If you can hear us, could you send us a shooting star?" :) Only a few seconds later, Karissa turned around and saw a beautiful blue shooting star go across the sky! That was the only one that we saw tonight. Only she saw it...and I think it's… Continue

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Some time ago, when I was at a very difficult place in my life, I worked weekends in a nursing home. I was the receptionist, delivered mail to the residents and took care of the lobby area on Saturday and Sundays. One day while delivering the mail as I was walking back to the office I saw my Granny. My very first thought was "what is Granny doing here?" Then my rational brain took over and told me "it must be someone who looks just like Granny." So I walked around and around looking for the… Continue

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We Are In This Together

I wanted to remind all of us that WE are in this together. The entire body of Christ and that including all on the other side of that thin veil. Siah, the Lord has used you to draw all of us closer to Him and closer to what is really important in life. Our hands hold much looser the things of this earth and we long for those things that are eternal. We miss you buddy. We miss you everyday, but we know in the light of eternity, this fleeting life will seem a small dot in…


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A Thin Veil

It's a thin veil between here and Heaven. Really it is.. I'm happy to walking this side of eternity with you, Steve and Sarah. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you to open our eyes, in an ever increasing way, to eternal things.

In This Forever!


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