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Breaking the Chains of Despair


I am overwhelmed with troubles… my eyes are dim with grief

From my youth I have suffered and been close to death; 

I have borne your terrors and am in despair.                        …


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The storm around me does not matter

Excerpts from a letter written by Dr. Tom Dooley in 1960 from his deathbed (or more aptly put, his eternallife bed).  I've always found this writing inspirational given the circumstances and his perspective that no matter how dire the situation seems, those who know God have hope.  Less than 2 months after he wrote this,  he passed into Eternity.  


"Two things prompt this note to you, sir. The first is that whenever my cancer acts up . . . and it is certainly "acting up"…


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A Man Familiar With Pain

I am a man familiar with pain, a man of incredible suffering. (Isa.  53)   I’ve known grief (Matt. 14:13; John 11:33) and anguish to the point of my soul being crushed. (Matt. 26:37)   I cried out to the Father, “isn’t there some other way?”, but no answer…


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God's mosaic

Thought for the day:


If a gorgeous vase shatters into pieces, it cannot be glued back into its original form. But the Master Artist can take those pieces and create a mosaic - different, yet beautiful.


"He has made all things beautiful in its time." Ecc 3:11 

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Thank You Steve and Sarah for your video clip on YouTube with Michael W Smith, as it was a God Nod to us last Tuesday. We made a plea to God to find someone who was experiencing a similiar journey as ourselves, who could speak encouragement into our lives and continue to draw us closer to Him.

We are parents to five fantastic children whom we home-school here in New Zealand. We all love the Lord passionately and have experienced His blessing abundantly in our lives. On 27th January…


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A God Nod about Alex

Two months ago on  a cold and snowy night January 20, 2011, our 22 year old son, Alex, went to be with Jesus. He had been sick with pneumonia five times throughout the year and had been burdened with other physical ailments the past few years that kept reappearing .  At his Celebration of Life service on January 24th, four people gave their life to Christ. On that day, I knew God's purpose was much larger than what we could understand.  As we began the long painful process of grieving , a…


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A Dad desperate for Hope

My dad’s parents both went to heaven when he was just 17 years old a week before Christmas.  For over 30 years he rarely discussed it and most of what I know about the matter was from my mom’s view point (since they were dating at that time).  Just recently I got to talk with him one on one about that day and the weeks that followed.  I think it was the most he has ever talked about it and my heart broke as  I discovered he has been living 40+ years angry, keeping his distance from God and not… Continue

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We read with some understanding of your pain in the recent article published in Life: Beautiful about your beautiful son, Siah as we continue to remember our beautiful son, Isaac who went home to heaven on June 4, 2006.

Our hearts and prayers go out to you, we believe our God is taking these wonderful young men home for specific purpose to be accomplished in The last days.

We have had several God Nods, and two that are particularly meaningful both spoke to us about Isaac, and other… Continue

Added by Mark Pinkerton on February 10, 2011 at 7:51pm — 1 Comment

Thank you for your encouragment through the Welcome Home interview

My husband and I received a phone call on 12/14/08 informing us that our 29 year old son, Jeremy, was very ill and being admitted into the hospital and later into ICU. He lived in another state so we waited through the night to see what the diagnosis was and to try to figure out what to do next. I ended up flying into Atlanta the afternoon of the 15th expecting to find him better and in a regular room. However, I found the opposite. His kidneys and liver were failing, blood pressure was falling… Continue

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Mission Impossible

My 6-year-old daughter Abby asked, “When we get to our new home how will Sophie know where we are?” My husband, Russ had just retired after 21 years in the US Marine Corps. We sold the only home our 2 daughters had ever known and Sophie our 2 ½ year old daughter went to heaven, after open-heart surgery, 7mths before our relocation process began.

Abby was troubled in her heart. Abby was worried that if we left the only house Sophie ever lived in on earth how would she know where to… Continue

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Phone #

Does anyone know how to reach a phone # to order the book, Have Heart? I can't get through to the church because I don't know who to ask for there, and no operatort. Then can't order on line...it would not go through. Help! Thanks,

Added by Phyllis Freeman on October 14, 2010 at 3:40pm — 2 Comments

Wisdom from Have Heart Spreads to the Military

I sent my son the book and DVD when it came out. As a mom you wonder if your kids really read the things you send… or at least I do with my son.

I now can tell he did read it and it got through to him. He is a Marine & his first close buddy has gone to Heaven. Everyone knows Facebook is the new communication tool and through it I was able to witness me son consoling other family members. He said he knows this is all in God’s hands, he only asks for peace.

My son asked his… Continue

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Streets of Gold

Thanks so much for your book! I downloaded it on kindle yesterday and ordered hard copies to give away. I love the way you presented loss and heaven. I can't wait to give it away. My dad passed away last year and I was privileged to be with him when his spirit left his body--he suddenly smiled really big with his eyes staring into heaven and his spirit went to be with Jesus. Our pastor said as he lead his memorial that God gave him a vision of the angels giving my dad a standing ovation as he… Continue

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Oh God, You have given me so much . . .

Dear God,

I forget sometimes all the blessings you provide in my life. Food - in abundance, shelter - beautiful, comfortable, health, love . . . love. That one stops me in my busy life quite often through your gift of love to me, to our family - Jessie. When she was born, I overheard the doctors at the door discussing that she would need a total transfusion and I prayed to you, "Oh Lord - please don't let them be talking about my baby. Sadly, I hoped it was the woman in the next bed . . .… Continue

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In a Beth Moore study, she spoke of her sense of helplessness in the face of her friend's child going to heaven. The Lord reminded her of His provision of Manna, in accordance to the need. Manna, Jesus, the Word made flesh, who offers manna that strengthens and sustains. . .but they had to go and get it.

Lamentations 3:22 - 24 "Through the Lord's mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness. 'The Lord is my… Continue

Added by Nicole Hilliard on August 26, 2010 at 10:51am — 1 Comment

You Lord most of all understand the loss of a son . . .

Blessed Father,

From the day each of my sons were born, they were precious to me, unique in all the world. And I've often thought if I had to sacrifice one, how would I choose? I'm thankful the answer to that dilemma has never been required of me. How much more painful when the choice is your ONLY son? How heavy was Abraham's heart as he trudged up the mountain to sacrifice Isaac? I know God, Your heart grieved the sacrifice of your only begotten - pure, holy, blessed. So I must believe… Continue

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Lord, I know it's been a long time . . .

Dear Lord,

I know it's been a long time since we've talked. I know too, this is not the way two people communicate when they profess to love each other. You've been faithful, always there for me. I've never stopped loving you, but I haven't been showing it much lately. I'd ask "Can you ever forgive me?" but of course - I know you would. So, I'm here to say I love You. I miss the closeness we once shared when we talked daily. I want to give You the praise you deserve, but words seem… Continue

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Well meaning but clueless...

So a stranger walks up to me who knows our story and says, "How is life WITHOUT your son. I am so sorry for your loss, I have three sons and can't imagine how you make it.' OK, first things first. I know what he means by "without" but to say that to a grieving father isnt something you ever want to say. I am not without, my son Josiah is very much a part of my present life, he surrounds us and is eternally "present" in Christ, not a "was" or "without". Sarah reminded me that Jesus is the One… Continue

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Despair Vs. Hope

The ultimate crossroads in the unbelief vs. faith struggle may just be the passing of a loved one from this life into eternity. Everything that we say we believe is on the line like never before. When we make the choices that are in accord with our stated belief, the power of God is released into our lives and the support that He gives, which we so desperately need, can make the difference in not only how we cope, but, how available we are to the hurting and to those who have similar… Continue

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Pastor/Evangelist Greg Laurie

Here's Greg's endorsement of the book...

Steve and Sarah Berger have faced the worst tragedy imaginable: the tragic death of their son Josiah.

There are no words to describe the pain and sense of loss a parent feels when they have lost a child.

To say that your world changes forever is an understatement of epic proportions. I know, because our son also died. In fact, it was through our mutual loss that my wife and I became friends with the Bergers. In their new book, Have… Continue

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