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A broken heart and crumpled paper

I fully believe that the Lord heals broken hearts as His word promises in Psalm 147:3.  It seems to me though that the healing He brings doesn’t necessarily restore the heart to its exact state before it was broken.  If you’ve experienced a broken heart, you know what I mean.  Suddenly you see things in a new light, you care more about other people’s pain, and you react differently than you had previously to the suffering around us.  Others who haven’t walked that road couldn’t possibly…


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Thank Pastor Steve And Sarah

Friends of ours came to Grace Chapel after hearing about the church . After a few times I came with them. We too lost a daughter to an auto accident. I bought the book Have Heart. This was so much help and I have shared it with several people that have lost loved ones. Today especially I realized tha MEREIDTHNIS ALIVE! Living in heaven. What a comfort. Your series on the Sermon on the Mount has triggered so many self studies. Recently while in Centennial Hospital my husband (that lives and… Continue

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From Friday to Sunday

A few of the many contrasts before/after Christ's victory on the cross. Jesus THANK YOU for enduring Friday to bring us to Sunday!




He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.…


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Breaking the Chains of Despair


I am overwhelmed with troubles… my eyes are dim with grief

From my youth I have suffered and been close to death; 

I have borne your terrors and am in despair.                        …


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The storm around me does not matter

Excerpts from a letter written by Dr. Tom Dooley in 1960 from his deathbed (or more aptly put, his eternallife bed).  I've always found this writing inspirational given the circumstances and his perspective that no matter how dire the situation seems, those who know God have hope.  Less than 2 months after he wrote this,  he passed into Eternity.  


"Two things prompt this note to you, sir. The first is that whenever my cancer acts up . . . and it is certainly "acting up"…


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