Have Heart

We have a good friend who turned us on to Have Heart.  You see, our son, Jeff (18) went to be with the Lord on July 4th, 2011.  He just went to bed and woke up in Heaven!  This book is exactly what I wanted to cry out to everyone, but didn't have the words to say.  It is a mirror image of our lives.  The most amazing story was toward the end of the book when, I believe it was Steve began a discussion on the Crane and how the Crane was used to be a "God Nod".  That the Crane is a symbol of "resurrection"!  At our son's funeral, he had some students who came to us and said they had made 1,000 Cranes for Jeff.  That a couple of months before his "going home" Jeff had, in his own special way, "suggested" that these girls make him 1,000 Cranes for his next birthday.  They made them for his new celebration and his new birthday instead! 

There have been so very many "God Nods" that have shown us that the Holy Spirit in Jeff was trying to prepare us for his new adventure!  I will place some more God Nods in the future.

Thank you Kelli for helping us discover "God Nods" as we forever call them! 


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